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Group ONE39 is a transformational recruiting firm and leadership organization. We transform churches and ministries by delivering best in class talent and we help leaders increase their capacity for growth and reach. We create this transformation through established propriety interviewing systems, assessments, and simple memorable tools to help leaders understand themselves and connect well with others.

Our hands-on, intimate approach to the search process stands apart in an industry based on paperwork, contracts and impersonal transactions. Our process is built on selectivity in partnerships, cultivation of relationships, innovative search methodology, and a vast network of connections. 25 years of shared experience has led our team to a proven track record with churches and ministries of every size and denomination.

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We love what we do.

We do staffing because we believe that the right people will bring transformation to each church or ministry. We want everyone we work with, clients and candidates alike, to say that this is the best they’ve ever been treated. We strive to earn our clients trust to find the right person for each position, and for them to feel like they have a true relationship with Group ONE39 that extends beyond the hiring process.

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