Creative, Media and Production Ministry Jobs

Faith Family Church

Baytown, Texas


Bowie, Maryland

Accelerate Church

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

One Church

Spokane, Washington

Celebration Church

Austin, Texas

First Baptist Church Glenarden

Landover, Maryland

Faith Church

Sunset Hills, Missouri

What is a job in Creative, Media, and Production Ministry?

It involves roles that may vary depending on the country and specific organization, but professionals in this field are dedicated to strategic planning, effective execution, and supervision of projects related to creativity, media, and production.

Essential Job Functions of a Creative, Media, and Production Ministry

  • Strategic Planning and Concept Development: The ministry is responsible for developing strategic plans and conceptualizing creative ideas to effectively engage audiences.
  • Content Creation and Production: A significant function is to create compelling and impactful content across various media channels. This may include video production, podcasts, written articles, social media campaigns, and other forms of multimedia content.
  • Event Planning and Execution: The ministry is often responsible for organizing and managing events that promote creativity, culture, and ministerial initiatives.

Requirements and Skills

  • Technical Skills: It is crucial to have proficiency in video production, photography, graphic design, audio editing, web development, social media management, and multimedia production.
  • Creative Expertise: Individuals should possess the ability to generate innovative ideas, develop engaging content, and create visually impactful and appealing media.
  • Communication and Collaboration: The ability to convey ideas clearly, actively listen, provide constructive feedback, and work collaboratively is vital.
  • Project Management: This includes setting objectives, establishing timelines, managing resources, coordinating schedules, and ensuring that projects are completed within deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Technical Knowledge: Understanding the technical aspects of media production, including knowledge of cameras, lighting equipment, audio recording devices, editing software, and other production tools, enables effective problem-solving, quality control, and optimization of media production processes.
  • Ethical Awareness: It is essential to have a solid understanding of ethical guidelines and copyright laws related to media production.


  • Degree in Communication and Media
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and Design
  • Bachelor’s or Diploma in Film, Audiovisual Production, or Cinematographic Studies
  • Knowledge of Web Development and Programming
  • Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Communication


  • Experience in Media Production
  • Experience in Project Coordination
  • Experience in relevant software and tools in media production
  • Experience in Social Media and Digital Marketing

What factors contribute to the effective functioning of a Creative, Media, and Production Ministry?

  • Clear Vision and Mission
  • Competent Leadership
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Innovation and Adaptability
  • Connection to the Mission
  • Focus on Impact and Community

Filled Positions

The Ark Church

Salina, Kansas

City of Truth

Kansas City, Missouri

Relevant Church

Paducah, Kentucky

Faith Chapel

Birmingham, Alabama

Rivers Crossing Church

Cincinnati, Ohio

The House Modesto

Modesto, California

First Baptist Church Glenarden

Landover, Maryland

Springwell Church

Greenville, South Carolina

Faith Chapel

Birmingham, Alabama

Fellowship Church

Antioch, California

The Promise Church

Woodland, Washington