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A group of families prayerfully launched Christ Community Church (C3) in 2014 from
a desire to follow Christ together in a manner that was both biblical and simple.
When the church held its first public worship service on March 15, 2015, the three
core values to be biblical, relational, and simple guided the church to pursue a
ministry model that was theologically robust, deeply invested in community, yet
unassuming in its programming and methods. By God’s grace, the church flourished
as hundreds of families in the community connected with this vision of what church
can be.

In 2018, C3 felt the weight of the founding teaching pastor’s unexpected departure.
While this impact could be debilitating for many young churches, the people of C3
held firm to their calling to be the church and live out their faith in community.
Through this trial, the Lord forged a deeper unity and purpose within the church in
preparation for the arrival of C3’s current lead pastor, Michael Loudermilk, in January

In this new season, C3’s elders reformed the church’s vision as, “A community
transformed by grace, sent to transform the world for the glory of God.” This focus
on transformation as something which believers both experience and are called to
carry to others prompted the addition of a fourth core value: Missional. Under the
elders’ direction, C3 committed to a radical level of missional generosity. Since 2020,
the church has donated 30% of its annual budgeted income to missional objectives
outside the four walls of the church.
As of 2023, the church stands at the starting line of another significant season of
growth and change. For the past eight years, C3 has been blessed to meet on the
campus of a local Christian school. However, the time has come to pursue a
permanent home in the community C3 serves. This initiative is called the Rooted
Campaign, as C3 seeks to become more deeply rooted in Christ, in community, and
for generations to come. Through God’s blessing and the sacrificial, faith-filled giving
of the church body, C3 is prepared to break ground on this new campus in late 2023
with the hopes of worshiping in the church’s new home in 2025.

From its founding and into the decades to come, C3 represents a vibrant, Gospel-
centered, cross-generational community with a desire to see transformation personally, locally, and globally. All to the glory of God.

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