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Crossover Church started Sunday, September 18th, 2016. We
are a church that is committed to the Word of God and
growing people into passionate followers of Jesus. A national
research study concluded that only 5% of churches actually
make disciples, which is our biblical mandate. In 2021, we were
selected by seminary students to follow how Crossover Church
disciples members at our church. They concluded that we are a
part of 5% of churches that make disciples.
We believe we are a church that helps people take their next
steps in Christ through intentional discipleship relationships.
Our journey has not been easy as we have moved nine times in
six years. We are currently in the process of signing a long term
lease which will bring much needed stability to our church and,
we believe, will lead to exponential growth.
Despite all the odds, Crossover Church is in a season of growth
and we believe we are a couple of key staff members away
from accelerating into the vision that God has for us.

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Crossover Church

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