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Pastors Joel and Mandy Cauley are originally from the Mississippi/
Alabama area of the gulf coast. In 2004, they were called to Paducah
where they served as student pastors at a local church. During that time,
God gave them a love for this city and a vision to reach 5,000 people a
week in the heartland region. That love and vision stayed planted in their
hearts long after their time as student pastors in that local church passed.
Pastor Joel went on to serve in worship and media roles in other churches
before feeling the call to Lead Pastor in 2012. After a short visit to the
Paducah area, he knew this was where God was leading. On February 10,
2013, in partnership with the Association of Related Churches (ARC), a local
launch team, and 270 guests, Relevant Church was born.
Pastors Joel and Mandy have an incredible heart for people. God has
given them a vision and passion for building strong families that are
centered around God’s Word. They live in the Paducah area with their
three children, Rylan, Dailyn, and Mikadyn.

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