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theChapel STORY

theChapel was born out of a deep love and passion for the House
of God. We believe that the local church is God’s plan for the world
and that a community should look different when there’s a lifegiving church in the area.
Mark Quattrochi, Lead Pastor at theChapel, was raised in a
hard-working Italian family in Brooklyn, New York. He served
as an altar boy in their local Parish where he developed a deep
love for God’s house. After a successful career in the music
industry spanning 20 years, he returned to his first love and
began to lead in the church.
In 2009, Pastor Q and his wife Trish felt God leading them to plant
a church. With support from the Association of Related Churches
(ARC) and Grace Family Church in Tampa, some great families pulled
together to do so, and the doors opened on January 17, 2010, to a
capacity crowd.
Pastor Mark Q remains the Lead Pastor at theChapel as they prepare
for their exciting move to their new home in the Trinity area in just a few
months. While in Tarpon Springs, FL, theChapel has continued to experience
God’s favor and faithfulness.
They recently purchased the Mitchell Crossing Shopping Center and have
renovated the former Sweetbay Grocery Store into their new church home,
which will more than double the seating capacity of their Tarpon Springs
location. theChapel believes that a community should look different when a
life-giving church is in the neighborhood, so they’re continually looking for
opportunities to meet needs and show the love of Jesus. theChapel continues
to expand its online reach through virtual services and gatherings, as well as
offering excellent in-person experiences to help more people know God.
theChapel is positioned for an incredible season of growth, both physically and
virtually, as they keep God first and remain focused on serving the community.

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