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Pastor Marcus England dreamed of planting a church with a
simple goal-helping people connect with God so that they could
live a full life. With the help of the launch Team, Pastor Marcus
renovated the building that was purchased and pastored by his
grandparents in the 1960’s, re-branded the ministry and launched
THE MIX on September 27, 2015.

From the beginning, THE MIX has focused on reaching those
who do not know God personally and building healthy
relationships with other Christ-followers. The life-giving message
of the Gospel, the passion and joy of Sunday services, and the
simple style of THE MIX has drawn many in Baltimore and
surrounding areas to call THE MIX “home”.

Pastor Marcus believes that our city is in need of more churches
that exist beyond Weekend Services. He envisions a church full
of diverse people, cultures, generations and life experiences; a
church for all kinds of people–far from perfect, but who have a
heart for others. Pastor Marcus envisioned a mix of people
coming together to change lives and the world! THE MIX exists
to move people from their past to passion and purpose –a full
life in Jesus Christ.

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The Mix Church

Baltimore, Maryland