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Group ONE39 is a transformational recruiting firm and leadership organization. We work with best in class churches and ministries, and we work with best in class candidates.
About Group One39

We help great churches, ministries, and candidates find each other.

GroupONE39 is a recruiting firm and leadership organization who works with the top 10% of churches, ministries, and job candidates. We seek to bring transformation to the organizations and individuals we’re helping. Because our firm is made up of leaders who’ve worked in churches and in the corporate world, we have a unique ability to assess the needs of any organization. We create deep, trusting relationships with clients and candidates and learn their values, desires, and needs to ensure a perfect match.

What sets us apart as a recruiting firm is our desire to deepen our relationships with our clients. We aren’t here to just help you find an employee, but instead, help you discover the ONE team member who is the best fit to transform your organization.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is transformation & our mission is Transforming People & Organizations

We love what we do! We do staffing because we believe that the right people bring transformation to each church or ministry. Our heartbeat is that every client and candidate will say that this is the best they’ve ever been treated. We strive to earn our clients trust to find the right person for each position, and for them to know they have a true relationship with Group ONE39 that extends beyond the hiring process.

Meet Our Group
Chris Spradlin
Keith Storm
Kent Booth
Angie Storm
Ken Hester
Donnie Petty
Ashlee Osborn
Jamie Harrell
Our Story

GroupONE39 was started by Chris Spradlin and Keath Storm. Both have been involved in ministry since they were teenagers—back when they actually had hair on their heads.

Chris was on staff at Life.Church, the largest church in America. He served as the campus pastor of the broadcast location, was a teaching pastor, and played a key role in the hiring and selection process of countless staff members. Craig Groeschel personally developed Chris, which made him a better leader and communicator. During Chris’s time at Life.Church, the multi-site church grew from a few locations to well over a dozen. Being on the teaching team gave Chris the opportunity to speak to crowds of up to 50,000 people.

Keath’s life purpose is to connect, coach, and challenge individuals to reach their maximum potential. Among his many accomplishments and titles are certified marriage coach, speaker, vice president, co-founder, professor, and president. His field of expertise is helping people, marriages, and organizations grow and develop.

At GroupONE39, our combined team experience makes us an invaluable asset in working with churches of all sizes and denominations. We are so confident in our team’s ability to accurately place a candidate with the right organization that we offer a one-year guarantee. That means, we haven’t had to replace anyone yet. It’ll probably happen one day, but we’re hoping it’s not on our watch. Let us help you find the ONE candidate that will transform your organization.

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