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Group ONE39 is a transformational recruiting firm and leadership organization. We work with best in class churches and ministries, and we work with best in class candidates.

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We help great churches, ministries, and candidates find each other.

Group ONE39 is a transformational recruiting firm and leadership organization. We work with best in class churches and ministries, and with best in class candidates; the top 10% of clients and top 10% of candidates. Our heart is to create deep, trusting relationships with clients and candidates, ensuring that our goal for each is the same - a perfect match. We literally want to be an extension of our client's values, desires and needs, to live out their DNA and their culture so that we can find the ONE fit that will bring transformation to their organization.

What sets us apart from other recruiting firms is our heart to develop deep relationships with our clients. We don't just want to provide you an employee, but the ONE team member who is the best fit for your organization's needs.

Our team members have worked both in the church and corporate world, and our unique ability to address the needs of any organization is what makes us unique. We work with churches and ministries of all types and sizes, and look forward to helping you with your future staffing needs.


Our vision is transformation & our mission is Transforming People & Organizations

We love what we do! We do staffing because we believe that the right people bring transformation to each church or ministry. Our heartbeat is that every client and candidate will say that this is the best they’ve ever been treated. We strive to earn our clients trust to find the right person for each position, and for them to know they have a true relationship with Group ONE39 that extends beyond the hiring process.







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At Group ONE39, we have a vast amount of experience in the church world. Chris Spradlin and Keath Storm, the founders of Group ONE39, have been involved in ministry since they were teenagers. Chris was involved in the hiring and selection process with the largest church in America, Life Church. While at Life Church, Chris received leadership development from one of the best communicators of our time, Craig Groeschel. During his time overseeing a campus as Pastor and Teaching Pastor, the church grew from 5,000 to 50,000 in attendance which influenced opportunities for Chris to speak to crowds of 100 to 50,000 people.

Keath has been instrumental in helping organizations identify and acquire top talent in key leadership roles. After years of placing top candidates in corporate America, Keath has turned toward his main passion of helping churches and ministries obtain top talent in key roles.

We work with churches of all sizes and denominations. Our combined team experience makes Group ONE39 an invaluable asset to churches nationwide in finding and hiring the ONE candidate for their churches and communities.

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