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How we find the ONE?

Group ONE39 is a transformational recruiting firm and leadership organization. We work with best in class clients, and with the best in class candidates.

How we find the best people for you

How do we help churches and ministries find what they’re looking for?

Our thorough process that we provide to clients enables us to know what the need is, and discover the exact type of person that is required for the position. Through our discovery we decipher the three C's: cultural fit, capacity fit, and chemistry fit. Our proprietary testing helps us determine not only the qualifications that each candidate may have, but if they can fit into the organization's team and environment. But that's just the beginning.

Our heart and passion to deliver hard to find talent for our clients drives us to not only find the right person for the job, but to find the right person for the team, for the culture, someone who will take the DNA of the organization and run with it to the next level. We're looking for someone to not only fit in with the church or ministry, we're looking for someone who will stand out, someone who will passionately deliver results.

Launch Meeting

The very first part of the process is called the Launch Meeting. This is where we dive into the relationship, get to know the organization and leadership, get to know the different personalities of the team, who they are, and their three C’s.

Job Brief Development

We take the information gathered from the Launch Meeting and the three C’s and create a Job Brief. This outlines the job specifics, details, culture, town demographics, etc. and captures the heart of the organization to convey who the church or ministry is looking for.

Industry Search

Once the Job Brief is finalized and approved, we start the search for candidates. If we have 120 people in our network in the field, 30 might be a fit, 15 have the skillset, 7 will move, 3 will pass the proprietary testing, and you will like two of them, and LOVE one of them.

Candidate Presentation

In the Candidate Presentation, we will introduce you to the candidates, their values, DNA, Voices of Leadership, personality profile, qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. Through this presentation, you will get a very clear understanding of who the candidates are, and how they can fit into your team.

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