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How we find the ONE?

We help great churches, ministries, and candidates find each other.
How We Find the Best People For You

How do we help churches and ministries find what they’re looking for?

First, we learn everything we can from our clients about the position they need to fill. In this process, we’re looking at cultural fit, capacity fit, and chemistry fit—also known as the three Cs. Not only does our testing help us determine if the candidate is qualified for the role, but it goes a step further and helps us determine if the candidate can fit into the environment of the organization.

It’s our goal to find the right person for the job, but also to find the ONE who will be an asset to your organization. We want your new team member to assume the DNA of what makes your organization “tick” and make it better than it was before. As we search for candidates to invest in your organization, we’re not just looking for a qualified person, but someone who is passionate and will stand above the rest. We care about the success of your organization that much.

Launch Meeting

Consider the Launch Meeting to be our “first date.” We get to know your organization, discover what makes it unique, and seek to find the right fit in culture, capacity, and chemistry.

Job Profile Development

This is where we take the knowledge we gained from our “first date” and create what we want this “relationship” to look like. We outline the specifics of the role including culture and town demographics. This helps the candidate know who the organization truly is.

Industry Search

Let the search begin! This happens when the Job Profile is finished. Here’s how it works: Let’s say we have 120 people in our network. Only about 25% will qualify. (That’s 30 for those of you who dislike algebra.) From those 30 people, only 15 will go to the next round. After a couple more “cuts,” only three will actually pass the proprietary testing. You’ll be drawn to two of them, but eventually, you’ll LOVE and choose the ONE.

Candidate Presentation

The moment you’ve been waiting for: meeting the candidate. You’ll learn almost everything about them—who they are, what they value, how they lead, how they’re wired, and how many plaques and awards they have on their “I love me” wall at home. You’ll walk away from this presentation fully understanding if this candidate is the ONE for your team.

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