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Aaron “Triple A” Adams is an entertainment industry veteran with over 20 years of quantifiable experience working with artists and clients on both the creative and administrative sides of production. He got his professional start in the industry at the age of 16, singing background for local performing artists in his hometown of New York City.

Born in The Bronx, and raised in Harlem, he has always had a deep-rooted affection for the performing arts, cultural experiences, and a trait he inherited from his late mother, a compassion for the people who create them. The son of a pastor (his father) and a choir director (his mother), “Triple A” as he is affectionately called, was reared in the church and found his own relationship with Jesus when he relocated to Atlanta in 2003 to attend Morehouse College, from where he would later graduate with a B.A. in Psychology. It is his relationship with Christ that is the single most important aspect of his existence and drives everything he does.

In 2012, Aaron was hired as a vocalist on his first tour, a 3-month run in Germany. The following year, he was invited to do another 3-month run in Germany, only this time he would take on the task of serving as both the tour manager and the musical director. It was the successful handling of these responsibilities that led to him starting his business, Accessible LLC in 2014.

Through Accessible, Triple A utilizes his relationships to source administrative and creative talent to clients of many different calibers for their projects. Such talent ranges from personal assistants, tour/road managers, merchandise managers, and event managers to professional background vocalists, choirs, creative directors, and more. To date, Accessible has had the privilege of sourcing talent to and serving clients including Mariah Carey (for her annual Christmas special in NYC), television networks including BET, MTV, & Revolt, and several churches throughout the greater Atlanta area. In addition to running his company, Aaron also currently serves as worship leader and vocal director contractor for North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, GA under the leadership of Andy Stanley and several of their campuses throughout the state.
Aaron’s personal and professional mission is simple: to expose everyone with whom he crosses paths to the power of the love of Jesus Christ through character, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

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