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In 1987, Bishop Jeff Poole established Kings Chapel Church of God. Starting
humbly in a double-wide trailer, the church embarked on a mission that
extended far beyond the confines of its modest beginnings. Bishop Jeff Poole, a
man fueled by a fervent desire to address racial divides and share the
transformative message of Jesus Christ, led the congregation with a
commitment to breaking down the walls of racism. The very name, Kings
Chapel Church of God, reflected a sense of reverence and an acknowledgment
of a higher purpose – to serve as a spiritual sanctuary and a beacon of hope.
In 2004, Kings Chapel changed its name to New Hope International. This was to
further its mission to bring hope to the community. Significant growth took
place during this time as the church built its very first building, making room for
the people that God would send to increase the impact in the region.
In 2014, a new chapter unfolded as Pastor Jordan Poole assumed the role of
lead pastor, inheriting the legacy and vision set forth by Bishop Jeff Poole.
Pastor Jordan, carrying forward the torch of his predecessor, infused the
church with fresh energy and vision. Under his dynamic leadership, the church
was renamed Hope Church and flourished into a vibrant, multicultural, and
multi-generational community. Pastor Jordan’s commitment to fostering unity
and embracing diversity transformed the church into a thriving hub, where
people of different backgrounds came together to worship, grow spiritually,
and impact their community. Its legacy continued to resonate in the hearts of
its members, echoing the words of its founders and standing as a symbol of
hope, unity, and unwavering faith. From its inception, the church’s vision was
clear: to break down the barriers of racism and extend a welcoming hand to the
diverse communities of the middle Georgia region. The commitment to leading
people to Jesus “no matter the cost” became the rallying cry of the
congregation, guiding their actions and outreach efforts.

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