Children's Pastor Jobs

Dallas Bible Church

Dallas, Texas

Centerpointe Church

Chantilly, Virginia

Hope Church

Fort Valley, Georgia

Transformation Church

Middletown, New York

Transformation Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Xperience Church

Defiance, Ohio

Nineteen:ten Church

Boerne, Texas

Friends Church: Willoughby Hills

Willoughby Hills, Ohio

What is a Children’s Pastor?

The primary role of a Children’s Pastor is to provide spiritual guidance and support to children, typically ranging from infancy to pre-adolescence.

The Children’s Pastor is responsible for creating and implementing programs and activities that cater to the spiritual, educational, and social development of children within the congregation, working in collaboration with parents and volunteers to ensure a safe and enriching learning environment for children.

Essential Job Functions of a Children’s Pastor

  • Planning and leadership: They are responsible for planning and leading children’s ministry activities and programs, such as worship services, Bible teaching classes, special events, retreats, and camps.
  • Teaching and discipleship: The Children’s Pastor teaches children about the Christian faith and biblical principles in an accessible and relevant manner to their age and developmental level. They also focus on discipleship, helping children grow in their relationship with God and develop a strong faith.
  • Curriculum development: They create or select suitable teaching materials for each age group, ensuring that the content is appropriate and understandable for children.
  • Volunteer coordination and recruitment: They recruit, train, and coordinate volunteers working in children’s ministry. They oversee and support team leaders and delegate responsibilities as needed.
  • Pastoral care: The Children’s Pastor provides pastoral care and support to children and their families.
  • Parental involvement: They work in collaboration with parents, providing them with resources, guidance, and support to help raise their children in the faith.
  • Creating a safe environment: They ensure that appropriate safety policies and procedures are implemented to protect children.

Requirements and Skills of a Children’s Pastor

  • Education and training: Many churches require a university degree in a related field such as theology, religious education, or child development.
  • Spiritual qualifications: A Children’s Pastor is expected to have a strong personal faith and deep knowledge of Christian theology.
  • Experience with children: Experience with children helps in understanding their unique needs and developmental stages.
  • Leadership and communication skills: These skills, both with children and adults, are crucial for teaching, counseling, and building relationships with parents and volunteers.
  • Creativity and flexibility: They need to be creative in designing engaging and age-appropriate activities, lessons, and events.
  • Organizational and administrative skills: Managing schedules, coordinating events, and overseeing resources require good organizational and administrative skills.

Education of a Children’s Pastor

  • Theological studies
  • Child development or psychology studies
  • Seminary or Ministerial Training
  • Continuing Education

Experience of a Children’s Pastor

  • Experience in leadership in children’s ministry
  • Knowledge of child development
  • Experience in teamwork
  • Pastoral work experience

What makes a good Children’s Pastor?

  • Love for children
  • Strong faith
  • Creating a safe and welcoming environment where children feel valued, heard, and loved
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Patience and understanding when working with children

Filled Positions

The Fountain Church

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Celebration Church

Austin, Texas

Change Church

Atlanta, Georgia