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LIIV Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia


Lead pastors, Mayo and Kai Sowell, felt a call from God to the people
in Atlanta. They wanted to launch a church from Atlanta, for Atlanta.
One where people would be loved despite their differences and that
has integrity. The name LIIV Atlanta means to see the city of Atlanta
live and flourish according to the ministry message of Christ Jesus.
LIIV stands for Love, Integrity, Influence, and Victory.
LIIV Atlanta was launched on September 18th, 2022. They have
currently seen a consistent three-month trend in upward growth in
attendance. They had their highest attendance day on Launch Day
(Sept. 18th), then again on Easter Sunday, but now have seen
extreme growth within the past few months. Currently, they are
meeting in a high school with two services with the option to add
additional service times. They are in the process of looking for
buildings that would allow for services and daycare services. It is an
exciting time to be at LIIV Atlanta!

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