Nassau Christian Center Church Jobs

Nassau Christian Center

Princeton, New Jersey


In 1978, a group of dedicated individuals led by founding Pastor Jesse Owens came
together with a shared dream and a common purpose. They felt a calling to create a
place of worship for the people of Princeton called Nassau Christian Center. With
unwavering faith and determination, 27 people embarked on a journey to establish a
church that would serve as a beacon of hope and love in Princeton, NJ.
The founders of the church were a diverse group, each bringing their unique
strengths and experiences to the table. Some were long-time residents of Princeton,
deeply rooted in the community, while others were newcomers eager to contribute
to the town’s spiritual landscape. Together, they embarked on a mission to build a
place where people could come together to worship, find solace, and work towards
making the name of Jesus known in the community.
God divinely opened the door for the purchase of a church building built in 1868. The
building is located in the heart of Princeton directly across from Princeton University.
The church became a symbol of hope and promise for the people of Princeton

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