Chris Spradlin

Chris has vast ministry experience in small, moderately-sized, and extremely large churches. Chris was on staff at Life.Church, the largest church in America, under the leadership of Craig Groeschel. He served as the campus pastor of the broadcast location, was a teaching pastor, and played a key role in the hiring and selection process of countless staff members.

His experience doesn’t just stop in the ministry world. He made a significant impact in the corporate world as well. Chris served on the Executive Team of Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, the fastest-growing frozen yogurt chain in the country in 2013. In a period of just four years, His team grew the organization to over 350 locations in five countries. Chris’s primary role was creating culture, reviewing performance, staffing at the headquarters, and bringing in high capacity franchisees. Today, as Co-founder and CEO of GroupONE39, Chris’s experience at Life.Church and Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt has created the “way” for GroupONE39.

Chris and his wife, Jodie, have successfully launched all three of their children into adulthood, but don’t think for one minute they aren’t stalking them on social media. In addition to loving their jobs, their empty-nesting life includes days filled with traveling to Colorado for snowboarding and fly-fishing. Jodie is all about the garage sale game, and Chris just nods and smiles as she drags him all over Oklahoma City on Saturday mornings. They also love to go country and western dancing, share meals with close friends, and dream about what’s next in life. Oh, and it’s unpopular to mention this in the state where Chris lives, but his blood does run burnt orange—Hook ‘em Horns!