Dontae Ladson

Dontavious “Dontae” Ladson is a dynamic force in the Christian music industry, blending his deep-rooted passion for Christ with a remarkable talent for music production, direction, and songwriting. With a career spanning various prestigious ministries and a successful entrepreneurial venture, Ladson has carved a niche for himself as a visionary in music and creative arts.

Ladson’s journey in ministry began at an early age, feeling a divine call to serve through music at just 13. This calling propelled him into roles that have significantly impacted the Christian music scene and ministries nationwide. His tenure includes influential positions at Redemption Church under Pastor Ron Carpenter as Music Director, at Relentless Church under Pastors John & Aventer Gray as Minister of Music, Production Director, & Executive Pastor of Creative, and currently, he enriches Faith Chapel in Birmingham, AL, as the Creative Arts Director, under the leadership of Pastor Michael K. Moore.

In 2019, Ladson expanded his influence by founding Innovative Music, LLC, a company that stands at the intersection of music production and creative content development for the Christian music industry and churches across the country. Innovative Music is a testament to Ladson’s commitment to excellence and innovation in serving God’s kingdom through music and media.

Born and raised in Taylors, SC, Ladson’s upbringing in a community centered around church and family values deeply influenced his path. His work is not just a display of his musical prowess but a reflection of his dedication to serving Christ and the community. Ladson’s journey, marked by a practical approach to life and learning, underscores his belief in the power of dedication and hard work. His impact is felt through his work and the lives he touches.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ladson is passionate about aviation, leadership development, cooking, traveling, and showcasing a well-rounded personality that seeks growth and adventure in every aspect of life. His contributions to the music industry have been recognized with significant achievements, including a Stellar Award win, two Dove Award nominations, and collaborations with countless notable artist.

On a personal note, Ladson cherishes his role as a family man. Married to Alicia Atkins in 2023, he is a devoted father to Madison, Olivia, Nathan, and Carter, and an uncle to Morgan. His life is a beautiful blend of faith, family, and music, making him a beacon of inspiration and leadership in his community and beyond.