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Fellowship Bible Church

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Fellowship Bible Church began in 1977 as a dream in the hearts of a few families.
They were looking for something different: Biblical fidelity, life-on-life fellowship,
outward focus toward those needing to follow Jesus – all faithfully contextualized to
the culture. From that small start, God has blessed FBC with 46 rich years (and
counting!) of life.
From rotating living rooms to an elementary school to a local YMCA to settling into
our present campus in South Tulsa, God has faithfully grown FBC over the years.
The church has been blessed with uncommon senior leadership stability, having
been led by only two Lead Pastors during its existence. From the beginning, FBC
has focused on three vital experiences: with God, other believers, and those who
have not yet trusted Jesus as Savior. And small groups have always been our
lifeblood, providing a wonderful environment where those three vital experiences
can be worked out in real-time.

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