Firing an employee is never easy, but when it comes to a loved one, the process becomes even more difficult and painful, generating feelings of guilt, sadness, anger and frustration.
However, sometimes there is no other option. In these cases, it is important to act respectfully and professionally, and follow some steps to minimize the negative impact of the decision and preserve the personal relationship.


What to do when you have to fire a loved one from work

Here are some tips to carry out this task in the best possible way:

  1. Prepare for the conversation:
    Before communicating the decision, you must make sure you have all the arguments, documents and resources necessary to justify and support it.
    You must also anticipate the possible reactions and questions of your loved one, and prepare the appropriate answers.
    In addition, you must choose an appropriate time and place for the conversation, preferably in private and without interruptions.
  2. Communicate the decision clearly and empathetically:
    When starting the conversation, you must be direct and honest, and explain the reasons and consequences of the decision clearly and objectively. Avoid using euphemisms, excuses or detours, as they can generate confusion and distrust.
    At the same time, you must show empathy and understanding for the feelings of your loved one, and express your gratitude for their work and contribution to the company. 
  3. Offer emotional and practical support:
    After communicating the decision, you must listen and validate the feelings of that person, and offer them comfort and support.
    You must also inform them about the benefits, compensations and transition options they have available, and help them resolve any doubts or concerns they may have.
    Likewise, you can offer your help to find another job, either by recommending them to other companies, reviewing their resume or connecting them with your network of contacts.
  4. Handle the reactions calmly and respectfully:
    It is possible that the person reacts negatively to the decision, and expresses their anger, disappointment or rejection. In these cases, you must remain calm and respectful, and avoid getting into arguments or confrontations.
    Acknowledge their point of view, but maintain your position and do not let yourself be carried away by guilt or pressure. If the situation becomes very tense or violent, you can ask for the intervention of a third party, such as a human resources representative or a mediator.
  5. Maintain contact and relationship:
    Once you have finished the conversation, you must say goodbye to your loved one cordially and affectionately, and assure them that the decision does not affect your personal relationship.
    You must also keep in touch with them after their departure from the company, and show them your interest and support. You can call them, send them messages, invite them to have a coffee or participate in social activities.
    In this way, you can preserve the bond and trust that you have built with your loved one, and prevent them from feeling abandoned or betrayed.


    Firing a loved one from work is a delicate and complex situation, that requires a lot of sensitivity and professionalism. However, if you follow these tips, you can do it respectfully and humanely, and maintain a healthy and positive relationship.

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